Cavenago Tricolore II Watch With ETA 2824 Hands-On

I guess it is a trend today but I’ll begin this article with a confession too: I am, sadly, not Italian. Whatsoever. However, even having seen quite a few areas in this gorgeous country I still struggled with picturing the target audience for the Cavenago Tricolore II 1000M...
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Dickies Are Again on Top of the World

During a recent family visit, my pants triggered an interrogation. My uncle, who loves cargo shorts and owns a window-washing company, noticed the Dickies tag on the back of my pants. I wear Dickies at work! He explained. A fair question. I, together with folks such as Justin...
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The Most Famous Things President Trump Believes About Currency

President Donald Trump struggles to get a hold of a banner on America's infrastructure.
President Donald Trump has some confusing beliefs about money. | Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images President Donald Trump says and does a lot of baffling things. From the infamous Access Hollywood tape to the late-night tweets that never seem to stop, Trump always manages to dominate the news cycle. That...
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These States Love Plastic Bags Up They Banned Laws That Ban Them

A woman carries her groceries in a plastic bag
Should elected officials represent the people or just do the right thing? In a country where cable companies enjoy monopolies and things polling at 97% go ignored by Congress, there’s definitely a disconnect between politicians and constituents. You see that disconnect in environmental issues all the time. Just...
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