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A Review of The Latest Version of The Replica IWC Aquatimer Cousteau Divers

The lower crown at 4 is for setting the inner rotating bezel, one full rotation of the crown moves the bezel 5 minutes on the scale, only in counter-clockwise direction. The crown is triple sealed, and one seal is conus-shaped in which the crown gets pushed in due to the waterpressure for extra protection. The setting goes very secure and it clicks nicely into the minute-positions. It is said that this construction adds waterresistance because the outer seal is pushed into a conus-shaped ring, and that this construction preserves error's during the dive. See picture below for the crown construction, it's actually pretty ingenius:

- Case diameter: 42 mm- Luminous elements on hands, dial and rotating inner bezel.The crown can withstand 200 bars (or 2000 meters) of pressure, and the crown can indeed be used when submerged, but when reaching a certain depth (around 6~10 meters) the crown gets disengaged from the inner bezel. This crown has the "IWC Probus Scafusia" printed on it. The crown still can be turned safely, but the bezel doesn't move. I personally would have preferred a bezel you can use at every given depth, because I like to reset my bezel during the decompression-stages. The upper crown at 2 is used to set the time and date, and it can be used to manual wind the watch, it's normal position is when screwed down.This rubber strap is amongst the best I've worn, and when you're looking for a watch on a strong yet subtle rubber strap, this Aquatimer is amongst the best (next to the Hublot). The IWC Aquatimer Cousteau Divers comes standard on the dark blue rubber strap. I personally am no fan of straps and bought the stainless steel bracelet as an extra (around 1000 Euros), I much prefer to wear it this way and IMO makes the cheap Replica IWC Portofino watch complete. The fact that the series is limited to 1953 individually numbered watches, like the choice of colours, is a reference to the first Red Sea expedition by Jacques-Yves Cousteau back in 1953."

"Technically speaking, the Aquatimer "Cousteau Divers" is a tribute to Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the Frenchman who found fame as a pioneer of diving, became the first man to explore the underwater world and coinvented the equipment used in scuba diving today. Through legendary films like "World of Silence" (1956) and "World Without Sun" (1964) he made ordinary people aware of the spectacular world that lay below the surface of the world's seas and oceans. He became an untiring and committed protector of the environment, a scientist with a talent for effective public relations who took up the cudgels on behalf of the seas and in 1974 founded the Cousteau Society, which culminated in a partnership with IWC in 2004. - Weight: Aquatimer "Cousteau Divers" in stainless steel with stainless steel bracelet: 175 g. The bracelet has the full brushed finish just as the watch-case, and it's a perfect match.

The bracelet is the well-known IWC-bracelet as seen on the GST-models, the links can be added or removed with the help of the two tools you get with the watch, and it is beautifully made. The clasp locks secure and has a hidden push-button to open the bracelet. With the IWC Aquatimer Cousteau Divers comes a very nice hardcover book full with incredible pictures and text that spans 50 years of Cousteau's research, IWC and the IWC Aquatimer. You cannot buy this book in the store, it comes directly from IWC, and it's a very nice extra with the watch. A lovely read for anyone into diving and the underwater world (and IWC-watches!).The caliber is the IWC30110, introduced in 2003 replacing the IWC37524. The IWC30110 is a extensively reworked ETA2892A2 caliber with 28800vph, 42 hour powerreserve and automatic winding. This caliber is delivered to IWC in parts in it's finest grade (chronometer-grade) that ETA delivers. When the watch leaves the factory, it is tested for 21 days and runs within +1 sec/24H, which is a tighter tolerance than used by COSC.

Then IWC improves the caliber with new/better parts, and Nickel-plates and decorates it. The 'standard' ETA2892 has 21 jewels, IWC adds 2 jewels, amongst other improvements like replacing the date-mechanism. IWC does the assembling and regulation completely inhouse. In terms of functions and technology, the Aquatimer Automatic is virtually identical to the titanium Replica IWC IWC Saint Exupery sale. As a result, the case is only 12.8 mm thick, rather than 14.8 mm. One of the few differences is its pressure resistance, which is designed to withstand up to 100 bar or the pressure encountered 1000 m below the surface. Another distinctive feature is the fact that this one is available exclusively in stainless steel with a blue rubber strap.It bears a serialnumber and the limited edition number on the back as well.The case is stainless steel and has a completely brushed finish, which I find very appropiate on a divers watch, only the rim of the stainless bezel is polished and the crowns are polished. The front has a thick sapphire crystal which has anti-reflective coating on both sides. The back is screwed-in and has a lovely engraving of the Alcyone-logo used by the Cousteau society. replica IWC / Cousteau book.The replica IWC Aquatimer Cousteau Divers comes standard in stainless steel with dark blue rubber strap, and it is limited to a total of 1953 watches. A review of the latest version of the quality replica IWC Ingenieur, the referencenumber for this watch is: IWC354806. I have bought the bracelet shown here lateron, as I am not really a fan of straps (leather or rubber for that matter).

The bezel is matte blue, and has luminous material applied onto it, when looking at it in the dark, all orange text and markers glow yellow (even including the 20/25/30 markers). The dial reads "IWC Schaffhausen" printed in white at 12, and "Cousteau Divers" printed in orange at 6. The minutehand is orange-colored which emmits actually a yellow shine when looking at it in the dark. The dial is beautifully dark blue colored, and has a very nice sunburst-shine over it, the hourmarkers are applied (not painted) and are made of small blocks of white luminous material. The hands are broad and have luminous material all the way. This dial is amongst the most ledgible of all dials that I've ever seen, very high points here!

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